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How Will Workplace-Consultancy Benefit Your Business

How will Workplace-Consultancy Benefit Your Business

Workplace audits are often referring to as “workplace consultancy”. They are a really useful tool for businesses when carrying out properly. Workplace-Consultancy Benefit Your Business.

workplace consultancy

Workplace audits first came to prominence in the interior refurbishment sector in the mid-1980s and where by using by the large system furniture manufacturers of that period (suppliers such as Herman Miller, Joko, Westinghouse, Steelcase, Center Core, Desking Systems) Workspace in London. to assist companies to develop a business case for transforming their workplaces from cellular office layouts full of double pedestal teak desks and 4 drawer filing cabinets into contemporary open plan environments using systems office furniture and storage solutions such as storage wall and/or mobile filing systems. Workplace-Consultancy Benefit Your Business.

How Will Workplace-Consultancy Benefit Your Business

The optimum client for this process at that time was a large corporation that had multiple administration departments employing lots of people either in a building with big floor plates or moving to a new modern building that had large floor footprints. Workspace in London. Often the workplace audits would genuinely prove that the transition from cellular to open plan would make improvements over 10% in the day to day efficiency of a business



And the monetization of that efficiency always more than justify the required investment of the new furniture and storage solutions.

Workplace audits showed these improvements

The cynics amongst us will look at this and say of course the workplace audits showed these improvements, Workspace Design Consultancy. Workspace Consultancy Services. As that is what the office furniture manufacturers needed the reports to say to sell their new furniture systems, and this is a potential flaw with the process if it’s being used as a sales tool and not controlled correctly. Workspace in London. Workplace-Consultancy Benefit Your Business. Workspace Consultancy Services. Also, clients need to understand the process and agree on the parameters with the consultant at the beginning of the process to ensure that the information that they get from the workplace audit is of benefit to their business as opposed to the business of the person carrying out the workplace audit.

So, what will a workplace audit do for your business

So, what will a workplace audit do for your business? The simple answer is as much as you want it to? A workplace consultant can carry out a light touch audit of your space and processes, this will create a report that will give you a high-level summary of how efficient your business is and indicate generally where you could make improvements to assist your staff and improve workspace in London. the day to day running of your business and Workspace Consultancy Services. At the other end of the spectrum is a very in-depth workplace audit where every aspect of your business is interrogating to give a very detailed picture of your business processes.

Improve your business

Workflows, people, departments, how they relate to each other and interact on a daily/weekly basis. Including where you have inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and overloaded workers/departments. As well as where you have the capacity, good workflow, and efficiencies.  Workspace Design Consultancy. All of this information can be taken, interpreting, and reporting back to you. Detailing the impact that any issues that you have are having on your business and recommendation. As to what you can do to change and improve your business and. The positive impact that those changes will have on your business.

However, when carrying out an office fit out the information that we need from a workplace audit is specific and relates to the information that is requiring to complete the following tasks:

  1. Space plan the new office/s so that it matches the company’s workflows, culture, and spatial requirements.
  2. Design and integrate the building services, data, and AV services with the office furniture footprints and layouts as well as corporate and social spaces.
  3. Complete the interior design using finishes and soft furnishings so that the office reflects the company’s brand, culture, and values.

A workplace audit will give us all of the information. That we need to complete the tasks above properly and give clients an office. Workspace Design Consultancy. That meets their business’s needs and requirements both now and. Into the future whether it’s the refurbishment of an existing space or a move to a new office.

If would like more information about workplace consultancy please click the link below.